"Stop Studying the Bible", 10-14-08
2018, 10-14, _Stop Studying the Bible_.m[...]
MP3 audio file [19.3 MB]
"Avoiding a Big Fish - Lessons from Jonah", 10-7-18
2018, 10-7, _Avoiding a BIG Fish, Lesson[...]
MP3 audio file [17.5 MB]
"What God May Want From Us", 8-19-18
Nehemiah 9
2018, 8-19, _What God May Want From Us__[...]
MP3 audio file [53.4 MB]
"Why Seeing Myself As A Bondservant Is Important"
2018, 8-12, _Why Seeing Myself as a Bond[...]
MP3 audio file [34.9 MB]
"Living the Love", 8-5-18
Romans 14
2018, 8-5, _Living the Love_, Romans 14.[...]
MP3 audio file [46.4 MB]
"Chosen by the Plan of God for the Glory of God", 7-29-18
2018, 7-29, _Chosen by the Plan of God f[...]
MP3 audio file [40.7 MB]

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