1:1-10, "To Be Set Free"
A. 9-15-13, To Be Set Free.mp3
MP3 audio file [13.4 MB]
1:11-12, "Is the Bible Authoritative In Your Life?"
B. 9-22-13, Is the Bible Authoritative i[...]
MP3 audio file [14.8 MB]
1:5, "Who's In Charge Here?"
C. 9-29-13, _Who's In Charge Here__, Gal[...]
MP3 audio file [7.9 MB]
1:28-2:10, "You Have A Role On The Ship"
D. 10-13-13, You Have a Role on the Ship[...]
MP3 audio file [16.8 MB]
2:11-14, "Holding Leadership Accountable"
E. 10-20-13, Holding Leadership Accounta[...]
MP3 audio file [17.4 MB]
2:11-14, "You Foolish Galatians"
F. 11-3-13, You Foolish Galatians.mp3
MP3 audio file [17.7 MB]
3:15-4:7, "Our Inheritance"
G. 11-24-13, _Our Inheritance_, Galatian[...]
MP3 audio file [13.8 MB]
3:15-4:7, "Get Out of Jail Free"
H. 12-1-13 _Get Out of Jail Free_, Gal. [...]
MP3 audio file [15.7 MB]
5:1-12, "Last Call"
I. 1-26-14, _Last Call_, Galatians 5_1-1[...]
MP3 audio file [13.8 MB]
5:13-26, "Simplicity Itself"
J. 2-2-14, _Simplicity Itself_, Galatian[...]
MP3 audio file [15.8 MB]
5:16, "Keep the Faith"
K. 2-9-14, _Keep the Faith_, Galatians 5[...]
MP3 audio file [13.3 MB]
6:1-6, "Measuring Love"
L. 2-16-14, _Measuring Love_, Galatians [...]
MP3 audio file [13.1 MB]
6:6-10, "Let's Talk About Money"
M. 3-2-14, _Let's Talk About Money_, Gal[...]
MP3 audio file [18.9 MB]
6:6-11, "A Point of Emphasis"
N. 3-9-14, _A Point of Emphasis_.mp3
MP3 audio file [14.8 MB]

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